Spencer Metals is a family owned and managed company with deep roots in the steel manufacturing and metals processing industry. The promoters of Spencer Metals are scions of one of India’s premier alloy steels manufacturers since 1935.

Spencer Metals Group promoters:

Mr. Nishikant Maheshwari, Founder and Managing Director - Mr. Maheshwari is involved in general policy making, strategic decision making and overall management of Spencer Metals. He is also a keen philanthropist and works as an education entrepreneur in India.

Mr. Maheshwari has over thirty years of experience running, setting up and troubleshooting large-scale steel manufacturing facilities in India. His vision to transform the metals recycling industry in the UAE into a more professional industrial sector took wing in 1995, when he setup Spencer Metals’ first recycling facility in Sharjah.

Mr. Maheshwari holds an MBA from the American College of Switzerland.

Mr. Mayank Maheshwari, Director - Mr. Maheshwari works with local government regulators in the United Arab Emirates to streamline the recycling industry and instil it with a greater sense of innovation. He is also involved in overall decision making at Spencer Metals and implementing modern technology and processes into the company.

Mr. Maheshwari has experience working in the financial services, management consulting and education entrepreneurship sectors in the US, Asia and the Middle East. He has also worked in the alternative investments industry with JPMorgan and as an education entrepreneur in India. Most recently, Mr. Maheshwari was working with the Boston Consulting Group in the Middle East, advising regional governments, companies and entrepreneurs on their overall growth strategies.

Mr. Maheshwari has been a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal in India on issues related to entrepreneurship. He holds a BS in Finance and International Business from New York University.