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Spencer Metals - ManufacturersSpencer Metals operates two fully-functional, well-equipped recycling facilities in the United Arab Emirates, on in Sharjah and the other in Sajaa Industrial Area. Our central location allows us to cater to customer requirements throughout the country with relative ease and efficiency. More

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PO Box 24548, Sharjah, UAE
Phone no.: +971-6-5436927
E-mail ID: contactus@spencer-metals.com


Spencer Metals is a forward thinking iron and steel recycling company based in the United Arab Emirates. With more than 15 years of experience in the Middle East and over seven decades of expertise in the metals recycling and specialty steel manufacturing industry in Asia, we are one of the leading recycling firms in the region.

We pride ourselves as professional and efficient recyclers of ferrous metals and share a strong sense of responsibility towards our environment. Our goal is to bring a culture of professionalism and social responsibility to the largely unregulated and underserved recycling sector in the Middle East, and we are constantly looking for ways to engage with our community and with local regulators.

Since inception, Spencer Metals has worked with generators of waste ferrous metals to manage their recycling needs, with consumers of recycled metal such as steel mills and furnaces, and with ferrous metal traders around the world.

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